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Welcome to iCode4U

Free site for you, technology support & help, coding,

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What is iCode4U and what do we do?

iCode4U is the place to get your free site!

We also have a lot of other free services guides, applications, and of course a forum

The only you have to do is ask for a site, with the explanation of how YOU want your site

experienced coder(s) will look at what you want, and do whatever they can to make your dream true!

If you're a coder yourself, experienced or a beginner you can help and ask a lot in our forum!

Our Staff

1. A little word about our staff!

iCode4U has a staff to be proud on.

But the most of our staff just code as hobby, or do volunteer work.

Our staff positions:

Everyone can apply for any position. More about applying do you find **here.

All our staff members are volunteers who maybe even code as hobby and probably already have some others projects, sites, our forum
that asks more time, or attention. So it could be possible that a volunteer staff is unavailable for a moment.

2. Who can apply for staff?

Everyone with the knowledge of their position and who wants to really work on this site.

Click here for more information!

About Our Forum

1. What can you find on our forum?

Our forum is moderated.
You can ask all your questions about iCode4U, and
everything about coding & technology,
and our news staff is giving you the last technology news!

Check it out!

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